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RWS Digital is the group name for RWS Web Solutions Ltd, which was established in 2004.

Over the last 10+ years the business has enjoyed successful growth and has over 200 customers across the UK and Europe. We operate as both a website design agency, web application provider and a digital marketing agency.

We have an office located in Kendal, Cumbria and our friendly project team have skills in website design, website development, eCommerce solutions, web application development and digital marketing services.

Flex4 specialises in providing solutions and services to the print and design sector. The Flex4 mission is to help businesses in these sectors make more money by exploiting the opportunities presented by the massively growing online marketplace. Outsourced WordPress development and low-cost web to print solutions are offered to graphic design agencies, whilst for printers Flex4 provides a range of website, print eCommerce, web to print and digital marketing solutions and services.


OPS provides a highly flexible and scalable range of website and web to print solutions for the UK print and graphic design sector. The range of solutions includes affordable websites, the ability to sell print online using print specific eCommerce functionality, web to print  for either the B2C or B2B marketplaces plus printer digital marketing services. All OPS solution and services can be configured to meet the exact short-term requirement and include flexible upgrade paths to ensure that the solution can grow and adapt to future business needs.

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Bluesky-e is a digital marketing agency providing solutions and services to businesses in the London and south-east. The range of solutions and services includes bespoke website design, web application development, search engine optimisation, ppc advertising, conversion rate optimisation, plus content and social media marketing. By using a combination of these services Bluesky-e helps businesses to grow by tapping into the booming online marketplace.


Mintcake Design operates from offices in Kendal and provides a combination of website and digtal marketing services to businesses in the Cumbria and North Lancashire areas. The range of solutions and services available includes website design and development, eCommerce solutions, web application development plus search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing. .

RWS History

Feb 26

Retail WebSolve Ltd

The business was formed in 2004 with the objective of providing web based solutions for the retail sector. During the first few years we were successful in wining large numbers of orders from the salon, restaurant, complementary health and specialist retail sectors. This included early experience with eCommerce and successful search ..Read more

Jul 16

Name changed to RWS Web Solutions LTD

In 2007 an opportunity emerged to develop our own content management system and “Flexiweb” was born. Flexiweb provided an early platform that allowed websites to be built quickly and easily whilst allowing the website owner to make updates to the website content themselves through an online interface. Flexiweb was also ..Read more

Sep 22

Flex4 launched

In late 2007 we were asked by a print “partner” if we would develop an eCommerce solution for the print marketplace and development work on the Online Print Solution (OPS) solution commenced. The continued growth of our partner business, coupled with plans to launch the OPS solution in 2008, resulted ..Read more

Aug 21

OPS Launched

The Online Print Solution (OPS) was developed specifically to handle the complexity involved in selling print products and services online. The solution was launched in 2008 and initially provided a cost-effective print eCommerce capability. The solution was very well received in the marketplace and the number of OPS users grew ..Read more

Oct 26

Bluesky-e launched

Although the Flex4 channel generated considerable growth in revenues, RWS had continued selling to direct clients particularly in London and the south-east. To help promote this important channel it was decided to launch another new brand and the name selected for this was “Bluesky-e”. A new sales website was developed ..Read more

Oct 26

Mintcake Design launched

In 2010 a new office was opened in Kendal, Cumbria to provide an office base for our growing project team. The presence in Kendal presented a new business opportunity and the Mintcake Design brand was established. Mintcake operates as a website design and digital marketing agency and provides a range ..Read more

Apr 01

FIH acquired

In 2014 Mintcake Design was approached to re-develop an existing hotel directory called “Fine Individual Hotels” (FiH). Web application development commenced and the re-developed directory was launched in early 2015. Mintcake Design was also providing digital marketing services to help promote the directory online. When the owners of the directory indicated ..Read more

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